each day.

Twelve white 6 by 6 inch squares hang on the wall below 40 bright squares of assorted colors and patterns.  Ten more panels will be painted during my 50|50 project. (If you’re counting closely, you know I am a few days behind, but a blog post seemed important.)

First off, I can’t believe how fast this has gone by and, yet, how far away last month seems. There is something about having each piece reflect my day that makes small aspects seem larger: little fractions of my day have been memorialized. My chair series, and others, do capture fleeting moments and interactions. There’s something about the series in this project that feels different, stronger? It is more cohesive in terms of theme. Perhaps it is how they are displayed. They definitely have different textures. These paintings feel so powerful because this project somehow allowed me to open up even further about the stories behind these pieces. These all hold a place in my heart. They document a wide range of emotions and tiny little daily things that I do. I documented all of the anger I had last Friday (see the last painting below), a dance performance that made me cry (the tight-knit circle of chairs that’s purple and green) and a few days of turmoil processing world events.

My chair paintings are based on my personal experience and also observations in public. I describe these paintings in more universal terms. I know the people in this series and, when I talk about the pieces, I own the emotions and experiences portrayed.

I tried two or three new techniques this past “week”, including make a lino-cut stamp and adding texture to the panel. My goal for the last ten days is to give each piece focus to make it what it needs to be. I hope to try out more techniques and styles. Living life and going out has really helped these paintings blossom. Plus just the idea that I am supposed to just do the painting in one day and be done is different. I usually re-work paintings until I’m satisfied. So there are a few days that make me cringe. Overall, I love this project. I love the process of building blocks into a towering painting that encapsulates the overall mood of my day. I am sad to see this project end. I am relieved to have a little less pressure to turn out a painting about EACH DAY OF MY LIFE.  I am excited to see all the many paintings hanging together next month.


Above: 40 paintings of 50 complete
Below: Paintings from July 1 to July 15



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