Halfway there.

As I photographed my paintings yesterday in preparation of this blog post, I realized there were exactly 25 done. That means I am halfway! When I step back, I have a hard time believing it because the time has just flown by! Aside from a few days where inspiration didn’t strike instantly, I am LOVING this project.

My painting process is fairly quick, so once I have the inspiration, I just get a piece done. In fact, this daily aspect has allowed me to embrace what comes from the process: whether it be a more loose painting style or weird, desperate cut-out shapes.

Since last week’s update, I haven’t really discovered any new techniques. I have instead played with how I am painting and experimenting some more with the techniques previously used. One day, I painted a meeting I attended just to see if I could fit 7 chairs onto the 6 by 6 inch panel (spoiler: I did! And it’s pink and green!) The feedback is that they are more colorful than my other chair paintings. My friend and I discussed whether this was true or their proximity just made it seem that way. I think both are true, they are bolder and brighter and the proximity highlights this.

I think I’ve mentioned a billion times that my pieces are journalistic, based on an experience, emotion, or event that occurs each day during this process. This theme has been very fruitful. It’s frustrating sometimes to come up with a fresh or clear instance from a day, when I have a routine and similar things tend to happen. But I piece parts of the day and sometimes my life as a whole to represent a feeling or experience. The structure and immediacy of this project allows me to create more context, content, and depth. These paintings have been more personal and specific. I keep track of the stories and foundation of the backgrounds for each and tell some of the stories on Instagram/Facebook. It is yet unclear how this journalistic aspect will be handled further. Do I make a book? Do I post the stories here on my blog? Is putting some on social media enough? Do I have a sentence title for each piece? How specific do I get?

Embracing the vulnerability of sharing parts of my story, I also want to keep some mystery. When I share my story, I try to tell it in a somewhat unspecific way. For example, I shared some insight behind my 25th painting on Instagram:

@luciapickles: “The things we tell ourselves to get through the day.” I repeat this line when feelings of failure hit me as they did today (day 25 of 50!) because it turns my mind towards positive thinking, plus it’s cheesy, which reminds me to smile.

I don’t mention why or what made me feel like a failure, nor does it really matter. The words in quotes are what I am considering as a title for this piece, because of its more vague, universally applicable meaning. The mantra/line of text I repeat is in the last painting in this blog post.

The goal for the second half is to continue to embrace new techniques, styles, methods and madness and figure out how to embrace the journalistic aspects!


Above: 25 paintings of 50 complete!
Below: Paintings from June 21 to June 30



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