From the first week.

This first week update of my 50 paintings in 50 days is a few days behind; I am currently on day 11 of 50, but this post refers to day 1 to 8. On the eighth day, I took photos of the finished paintings and reflected on the process. From this first week it is clear that I have taken a liking, no, a loving, to adding shapes in the background to make my own version of patterns. Enjoying this process made me realize I love filling in shapes with paint and that my painting process can be simplified to: I create my own coloring books with chairs and fill them in with the background colors. Adding further shapes in the background creates another layer of coloring book style painting in which I lay down shapes and then paint the area around them. I was also surprised at how much shape and pattern inspiration came to me. Patterns will continue to appear in this project and in future paintings, but after this first week, my goal is to experiment further with process.

The first day’s painting included a collage experiment with a Harry Potter book page, since the words fit the adventure my partner and I went on and we also read Harry Potter that day. It was the perfect solution to my day’s events, but I’m not sure how I feel about the result. In days following this week, I did another collage painting that you will get to see in a few days (or see it now on my Instagram: @luciapickles)

Each painting is based on an emotion, event or moment during the day. The biggest issue in this process is that I wish I had planned to paint something from the previous day instead of the current day, so I could look at the day as a whole instead of working from the first half of the day. I did grant myself permission in this awkward dance to record events, patterns, notes, and inspirations from the day in my sketchbook and do the painting the next day (especially if I couldn’t make it to the studio!) Next time, I would do things that happen on the previous day so I don’t feel quite as pressured, continuing that I haven’t even had the full day it is based upon.

The pieces aren’t titled yet. The gallery allows pre-sales, so if you are very interested in a piece at any point in the process, please contact me at
Each piece is $120 (which is half the price of my usual 6 inch pieces!)


The first 8 paintings above and below in chronological order (June 6 to June 13)




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