Introducing one a day.

I was selected to participate in the Sanchez Art Center‘s 50|50 Show. This annual exhibition is made up of a number of artists who turn a 6 by 6 inch panel into a piece of art each day from June 6 to July 25.

My fifty pieces will be journalistic in approach. Each day, I will express a part of my day using folding chairs to represent people. These paintings will incorporate pattern, collage, and other techniques to indicate specifics of the event or emotion. For me, this opportunity allows me to explore new techniques and methods with a familiar motif. My goals are to explore adding further background and context and discover new ways to express meaning by producing a large quantity of work. I am not expecting all my pieces to all be gorgeous because this project provides a space for experimentation, which often fails.

My plan is to update this blog weekly about the process. Follow me on Instagram for further updates and images along the way! I am currently on day 2 of 50 and will post my first images of paintings here next week. I am very excited about this project; It’ll be good for me like those vitamins! (And I can’t wait to see all of the artists’ hard work at the show!)


The panels hanging on my studio wall! (they give us 52 in case we mess up!)


Priming my first set of panels during Open Studios.


Smiling amid the process of priming with the panels on my studio wall in the background.


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