In where I work.

As I sit down to write about my studio space now, thoughts of old work spaces pop up. When I was a kid, my parents made me a desk on two roll around cart with like 6 drawers each. These drawers were filled with paper and crayons and stamps and markers and all sorts of implements of creation. Years later, at pre-college at Oregon State University, I had my own tiny art studio space for a few weeks with a desk, an easel and a chair. Fast forward a few years to senior year of college, and I got my own space again where I had a table, a cabinet, and a stool (and access to LOTS of folding chairs.) Now, I rent 150 square feet of studio space in Berkeley.

In this studio space, I create art and run my business. It is for all intents and purposes, an “office.” I chose to not have it in my home so that I would have a boundary between my personal life and my work life. (That became even more important when my boyfriend, another artist, moved in with me!) This separate location gives me a place to go to during “business hours.” As I had recently graduated from college when on the studio hunt a year and a half ago, I also wanted to find a community to belong to. I am a HUGE introvert and it seemed important to not become isolated immediately after a huge life change. At Makers WorkSpace, I am one among 43 individual spaces. My peers here are of all ages and interests and pepper my day with greetings and conversation.

As an organizer, I give lots of thought to having purpose and flow in my space. Note: I am still messy and have a fair amount of stuff, but everything has a home (mostly!) This current unit has a designated office area (a table and bench) by the door and a studio space (a standing work table and 3 storage units of creative supplies) take up the back half. Three of my walls are dedicated to housing my art and one has a bulletin board, some friends’ art and my business permits. This newer, larger unit I moved into in January is still in the process of feeling organized and “lucy”, but I love my space and am really excited to open it up during open studios in less than two weeks. It is so fun to have others in my space checking out what I do. The conversation and feedback during that time is really important to me because I spend a lot of time and effort doing experiments with paint, thread, paper, wood, fabric, and more there.

Some photos of my organizational “areas” and the studio to prime your expectations.


Peek through the door into the mess!


The wall by my designated “office” area. Thistle photograph by Laura Johnston and sunflower by Julianne Nash. Pencil drawing from high school by yours truly.


The inspiration and notes bulletin board in front of my desk.


The works in progress wall area in my studio. Currently working on embroidery and collage.


Another thought process wall with my stupplies below it. Plus my felt banner made by Feed the Fish Co.


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